The Healing Breath

The Practice

1. Put your right hand on the abdomen 2 finger-widths below the navel.

2. As you inhale slowly, rather than raising the chest, start with expanding the abdomen, pushing the abdomen against your hand, then filling the chest.

3. Hold the breath for a pause.

4. Exhale very slowly, with your throat almost completely closed) as if making a noise like Darth Vader in the movie Star Wars, pushing your abdomen against your hand.

(This last point is counter-intuitive as your initial tendency will be to pull the abdomen in, rather than pushing it out against your hand. You should feel a slight pressure in your chest and abdomen as you exhale in this manner.

5. Repeat
Once you feel comfortable with this, then practice it as a 7-count inhale, hold for 3, and then do an exhale for a count of 12.

  • Inhale - 7 counts (1001-1002…1007)
  • Hold - 3 counts
  • Exhale - 12 counts

Imagine the breath flowing down to your 2nd chakra (lower abdomen region) on the inhale and then coming from the 2nd chakra on the exhale.


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