Ayurvedic WorkshopStress Management

These workshops will provide you with practical tools that will enable you to deal with your stress on a daily basis and reduce it as it arises.

Stress Management workshops include:

  • Healthy lifestyle practices that suit your lifestyle
  • Balancing techniques for the anxious mind
  • Techniques to sleep more restfully
  • Tools to improve digestive difficulties

Workshops offered:

  • Student Stress 2h
    Hands on approach, skills to reduce pressure, improve concentration, focus and performance

  • Corporate Stress 1h30
    Practical tools for stress management in the workplace

  • Stressed about Life 2h
    Daily lifestyle skills for stress management


Advanced Classes 3h

Ayurveda and Yoga

Advanced classes will provide you with an in depth understanding of the constitutions and how they apply to living life in balance based on the Ayurvedic and Yoga models of health and wellness.


LYNN WACHMAN RN B.Sc. in Nursing, n.d.
Naturopath / Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner / Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor / Meditation Instructor
Lynn Wachman
- 514-516-4092