RE. Heart based meditation

Through the years I have tried so many different meditation techniques, heart based mediation is the only one that makes you quickly connect to your soul/heart in the most effective way.  It has helped me with anxiety, stress, weight loss and so much more.  Once you master this technique unbelievable what a gift you will have given yourself.  

Lynn is such an amazing teacher (patient, caring, understanding and truly knows how to connect to you and be there for you every step of this amazing journey back to your heart). Always available to help you and easy to reach out to her at anytime.  Truly blessed to have her as my teacher.  God Bless!

Carmy D.

RE. Heart based meditation

The sitting meditation has been part of my daily routine for a while now.

During a personal heartbreak I went through Lynn introduced me to Heart based meditation. This method helped me more than any other. Practicing with a group also favored my sense of belonging during that period. This meditation approach is one to broaden your perspective through the true practice of letting go. Thank you for guiding me into a new way of observing myself during meditation.


RE. Ayurveda

Lynn has been the person I turn to for consultations concerning how to live a healthy lifestyle on both a spiritual and physical level.
The tools she offers and suggests are easy to incorporate into our daily lives thanks to her understanding of how each person lives. She has an ease in understanding people and what can make them thrive.

Thanks to her tender demeanor and honest approach I walk in with no expectations and trust in what she senses is best for me at that time. The meeting unfolds accordingly, and I leave with a new outlook and a new state of mind.


RE. Corporate Stress Management

Lynn prepared a stress management presentation for our busy team of sales and recruitment staff at Fuze HR. Her presentation was insightful and very interactive, she got our employees participating and asking questions, they were very enthusiastic to use Lynn’s practical guides to understanding how stress management can truly improve their day to day lives and gave easy and effective steps to managing work and personal life stresses that everyone could benefit from. Lynn is personable, approachable, deeply knowledgeable and comes with so much wealth of knowledge from her impressive credentials. We will certainly be inviting her for more health and wellness sessions in the future!” thank you very much Lynn for a wonderful experience. 

 Miriam Tadros, CRHA/CHRP
Vice-President of Human Resources

RE. Student

I would recommend Heart based meditation to everyone looking to lower their stress levels and increase their focus. I was introduced to heart based meditation from Lynn and now I've been practicing everyday! I've noticed I have more energy throughout the day and burn out less. As a student it really helps me focus on completing my homework! 


RE. Ayurveda Consultation

Serendipity brought me to Lynn Wachman and I am so grateful. I had seen many different natural healers before I came to Lynn and none were as helpful. Through her food recommendations and healing sessions, my body started to heal. Some sessions were nothing short of miraculous in the way my body would recover. She helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has also given me tools that continue to be helpful in managing stress and keeping my body in balance. I cannot recommend her services enough.

 Danielle B.

Re. Wellness Coaching

Even though I attempt to lead my own path, I have deviated somewhat for various reasons. Thanks to Lynn, her truly calm demeanor, generous guidance & solution oriented practice, I've found my center. I would like to say that between her teachings & my willingness to accept her profound practice as my own, have enabled me to make quite a difference in my life. Namaste.

Lori Oness

RE. Ayurveda Consultation

“I'm very happy to recommend Lynn to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. She offers valuable insight into your daily habits. She then makes tailored practical recommendations based her knowledge of ayurveda and wellness.  I found these recommendations easy to follow and they definitely improved my energy levels and well-being"

 Sebastian Ferraro

Re. Ayurvedic Yoga

"I experienced Ayurvedic yoga for the first time this summer when I had a very bad head cold. My ears were completely blocked and my head was pounding.I booked a session with Lynn not knowing what to expect. We did a lot of breathing, visualizations and meditation. By the time I left the session my ears had unblocked and I felt so much better. I was shocked at the transformation and the rebalancing that took place in such a short time. Since then I use the tools that Lynn taught me on a regular basis to deal with any health issues as well as stressful situations. Lynn is gentle and caring and a wonderful yoga teacher. I highly recommend her and this method of rebalancing."

Mrs. Levine

Re. Wellness Coaching

Lynn had an uncanny way of knowing exactly what I needed to stay in balance. She always found a way to improve my quality of wellness without overwhelming me. She suggested food choices, recommended changes in my daily routine and exercise practices and taught me stress management techniques that worked. She is professional, objective oriented and in touch with the demands of todays lifestyle.

Stephanie Maginsky
Executive Coach

Re. Stress Management workshop

Your hands on and practical approach to stress management gave me much needed tools that I could use anywhere.  It enabled me to feel results immediately. The balance you demonstrated on how to relax and remain alert, relieved my fear that relaxation techniques would decrease my performance in the workplace.  I now realize that feeling relaxed only sharpens my performance while simultaneously reducing the effects of stress.  Your enthusiasm made me believe that it is possible to live with less stress.

Gus  Appignanesi

Re. Corporate Wellness Coaching

Lynn Wachman came to visit me at work and successfully guided me into a more efficient, ergonomic way of optimizing my workstation.  Of one of the many positives changes, advising me on the correct chair posture, distance to computer screen, eye, head, arm and wrist alignment when working has changed the overall stress on my body allowing me to feel more energized.   I am really impressed how these subtle changes have made a huge difference in my day, eliminating neck and shoulder discomfort and overall muscle tension.   Lynn is a wonderful, committed and knowledgeable advisor and I am very grateful for her consult.

Cindy Zilbert

Re. Private Yoga Class

I always wanted to do yoga but couldn't because of chronic neck pain. After trying a class with Lynn Wachman, I had no pain and my neck actually felt better. Lynn takes the time to correct and modify each yoga position so you are always comfortable and still gain all the benefits from doing yoga. She is the best yoga teacher out there.


Re. Wellness Coaching

Last summer I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  It was a terrifying diagnosis as it is with all people.  Fortunately I was close with Lynn Wachman who is also a Breast Cancer Coach.  Without having Lynn by my side to guide me through what I would experience and give me the right tools to stay focused and relaxed, I don't think I would have made it through treatment and feel as healthy in mind and body.  Lynn worked with me on stress management through yoga breathing and even guided me through managing fatigue due to the radiation and surgery.  She is an exceptional talent for connecting and I really felt that she "GOT" what I was going through!!


Re. Corporate Stress Management Clinic

Just want to let you know that I really enjoy your being at the JGH Manager day. The presentation and all the information given was well taken and will help me during my long sitting working hours. Since that day I really put the emphasis on my sitting position and when I have pain in my back, leg or arms, I repositioned myself on my chair and I do some stretching. It really help. I thank you very much for your expertise and your time.

Danielle Desrochers
Administrative Section Head
Enviro Services
Jewish General Hospital

RE. Yoga

“I really enjoyed your 2-month session yoga classes at JGH. You started each yoga session by asking us if we were tired or had a cold and you worked with us accordingly. You made sure that people with lower back pain, shoulder pain, sciatic pain got the proper stretching and benefits out of each class. Lynn you are person who's full of positive energy and you always welcomed us with a smile. I look forward to starting a new session with you, thank you for your kindness and attention you gave to all of us!”


RE. Yoga

"Practicing yoga at work is a real privilege. Not only do I have an opportunity to keep fit but reconnecting with myself and feeling revitalized after a session is priceless!"


RE. Yoga

“I’m very happy with yoga classes cause it’s really helping me with my hip problem and also it's during my lunch hour so I don't have to make more adjustment to my routine It helped me heal mentally during work hours too. I also like my instructor.”


RE. Stress Management Workshop : Re. Abhyanga Self-Massage

“I was very impressed by the results of the auto massage. I suffer from atrial fibrillation, and although medication helps, I always feel it. After yesterday's session, the thumping was greatly reduced and the band around my chest had completely disappeared. I am very grateful to have learned such an effective technique.”

Lesley Andrassy

RE. Stress Management Workshop for Seniors

“Our residents’ love listening to Lynn Wachman give her stress management workshops.  She uses various techniques to help relieve stress such as aromatherapy, hot water bottles for relaxation, meditation and self-massage.  We cannot wait for her next visit!”

 Riana Levy
Recreation Director

LYNN WACHMAN RN B.Sc. in Nursing, n.d.
Naturopath / Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner / Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor / Meditation Instructor
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