Stress Management Tutoring Services 
For StudentsStress Management Tutoring Services
For Students

Private and Group tutoring

All sessions offer stress management techniques and themes crafted for the individual and group alike.

Content :

  • Laughter therapy : To ease stress effortlessly
  • Breathing exercises : To calm the nervous system
  • Balancing practices : To calm the mind
  • Meditation practices : To foster a state of deep relaxation

Thematic Discussions :

Topic Examples:

Each session will address a theme which contributes to stress ( age dependent ) and what to do about it.

  • Insufficient Sleep

  • Time Management

  • Foods & Drinks which make you hyper
  • Insufficient quality ‘down time’
  • The pressures of social media

  • Common stress triggers

Session Format

Stress Relief Important Point


Each meeting will start with ‘laughter therapy’ ( e.g. a whoopee cushion station) followed with breathing exercises ( blowing bubbles / balloons / breathing techniques ) , balancing exercises to calm the mind and a meditation practice to promote a state of very deep relaxation followed by a short thematic discussion and a sharing of experiences.

Benefits of Group Tutoring :

Fosters connection with others having similar challenges
- Encourages participation, experimentation and sharing of experiences as the students try a variety of techniques to decrease their stress

Stress Relief Important Point

Private Format

Each session will include laser coaching to identify the causative factors of stress and provide tools and techniques to maximize its release.

Benefits of Private Tutoring :

  • Tailor made to suit individual needs
  • Privacy to share and communicate

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Office Locations : West Island & Downtown

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LYNN WACHMAN RN B.Sc. in Nursing, n.d.
Naturopath / Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner / Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor / Meditation Instructor
Lynn Wachman
- 514-516-4092