Stress Management CoachingStress Management Coaching

Stress Management

  • Do you wake up feeling tired and dreading your day?
  • Do your energy levels rise and fall all day long?
  • Do you suffer from indigestion, gas or bloating?
  • Do you have troubling getting a good night’s sleep?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, stress is often at the root of your problem.

Most people take stress and its debilitating effects for granted. I did, until I discovered that I could feel better, perform better and generally enjoy my life in a way that I’d forgotten was possible.

Most people don’t realize that stress accumulates on a daily basis and is stored somewhere in our body. Unless stress is cleared out regularly, we will manifest its effects, wherever we hold it.

Stress Relief Important Point

Stress Management Coaching

The stress management techniques I offer are built on 5,000 years of experience. Ayurveda is India’s natural medical model of health developed thousands of years ago. It incorporates stress management practices with healthy lifestyle choices, balanced food selections and exercise practices that are individualized.

This consultation will provide you with an individualized stress management plan

You will receive:

  • A complete ‘Stress Management Program’
  • Techniques and strategies that you can use immediately!

At the end of your consultation, you will have a customized stress management plan that reflects your lifestyle. It will be easy to follow and unique. That’s why it works.

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