Heart Based Meditation

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What is Heart Based Meditation?

Heart Based MeditationHeart Based meditation is easy to do and no experience is necessary. It is an energizing practice done in the comfort of your favorite armchair and only takes 20 minutes to do.

It is the perfect antidote for the stressed individual who finds it difficult to “slow down” and “calm their mind”.

Heart based meditation truly is spa time for the mind because the practice of letting-go is effortless and the silence that greets you affords a wonderful pause from the incessant ruminations of the active mind.

Heart based meditation was designed for the householder path.

It is mantra based, and the mantra has an energetic vibration (no religious affiliations) with the intent of resonating with the heart chakra, the place of universal love and connection with all.

Unlike many meditation styles that was designed for the monk’s path, discipline and asceticism in meditation are not a part of the objectives of Heart Based Meditation. You can sit comfortably with good back support and change positions if you are uncomfortable so that your attention can shift to the practice of ‘letting go’ effortlessly.

Heart Based meditation is a form of automatic self-transcending. Through the repetition of vowel sounds, we are lulled beyond the mind to a state of deep relaxation. The EEG pattern of this type of meditation like TM is frontal alpha coherence, which is associated with a distinct state of relaxed inner wakefulness. However unlike TM, it has no religious affiliation.

  • This course is offered as a one hour session per week for 2 consecutive weeks including a follow up session 3 weeks later.
  • Between sessions, it is recommended that participants practice a minimum of 3 meditations.

The Heart Based Meditation course is scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:00 PM. To register, please contact me at info@lynnwachman.com.

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