Yoga ClassesGroup/Private/Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga classes designed in the classical tradition for all levels and competencies.

Yoga classes designed to meet your unique needs:

  • stress relief
  • weight loss
  • fitness and body toning
  • mind-body awareness
  • attention deficit
  • yoga to improve student focus and concentration skills

I always wanted to do yoga but couldn't because of chronic neck pain. After trying a class with Lynn Wachman, I had no pain and my neck actually felt better. Lynn takes the time to correct and modify each yoga position so you are always comfortable and still gain all the benefits from doing yoga. She is the best yoga teacher out there.



LYNN WACHMAN RN B.Sc. in Nursing, n.d.
Naturopath / Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner / Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor / Meditation Instructor
Lynn Wachman
- 514-516-4092